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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the second largest country in Africa. This is a breath taking, naturally gifted, beautifully and cultural-filled country located at the centre of Africa. Congo has more tourist sites to show the world than any other country in Africa.

Crossed cut by majestic rivers through the centre, gorillas, volcanic mountains and snow at the east, large and world deepest lac in the south east; the equator and equatorial dense forest in the centre north, wild natural reserves at the south; gold, diamonds and rich mineral reserves in the south west, and amazing hills and falls in the west. This African country is considered one of the most if not the wealthiest on mineral resources but at the same time one of the poorest when it comes to income per habitant and national development.

Despite intrusion of rebel groups around mines and surrounding towns in the east, Congolese have been considered among most resilient people, fun living and full of hope one could ever met.

After decades of uncertainty, there has not been a better time than now to discover the Congo and what has been hiding from us. As the Country is opening up gradually to the world and infrastructure being built, more tourists are travelling around the country – This is the time for the Congo.

There are 24 provinces in the Congo, but it is mainly divided around linguistic zones Lingala (west, centre and north), Swahili (south and east), Tshiluba (south-west) and Kikongo (extreme west and centre). French is the official language but Lingala is also spoken in administration and everywhere in the country.

There are beautiful places and people in the Congo in almost every area.

Karibuni Congo!

The Journey

FASICONNECT is a company that seeks to connect people and places. Launched in 2010, the organisation is a striving business registered under both the Congo and South Africa’s law.

In 2020 FASICONNECT launched the LezoLezo Group , a B2B agency that deploys strategies beyond digital trends, integrates technologies and provides creative and intelligence services.

LezoGo is the latest creation of the Lezolezo Group. LezoGo has a twofold objective; to bring the world to discover the Congo’s rich culture, splendid nature and its people on one hand; and on the other hand, to take people to selected and exclusive holidays in some of Africa’s beautiful islands and cities by means of packages deals.

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