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Airport Pick up and Drop Off

Please note that this is how it works when not overruled by Covid regulations: If not required differently we will make arrangements for you to be met at the airport by a driver who will take you to your destintion hotel or accommodation.

The person in charge of picking you up upon arrival, will be waiting for you close to the airport building’s exit door, holding up a sign saying “LEZOGO”‘ and you will see your name written on the bottom of the board.

What is a common but expensive service in luxury hotels around the world, being picked up at the airport by a private driver, is a standard procedure we have made easy for you.

Our airport picks ups are well organised and reliable, but just in case something unforeseeable should have happened and you don’t see our driver, please proceed to Kiosks or sellers’ stand just a few steps to your right of the exit door and kindly ask the distributor to call the numbers given below, to find out whether you might have missed the “LEZOGO driver” when leaving the airport building. If you find out that none of them is around please proceed with the regular taxis.

Tel: +243 81 307 3237 – Email: info@lezogo.africa

Our pick ups are a quite luxurious arrangement as this is a personalised service which is offered by our drivers exclusively to the guests of LEZOGO at a charge which might be just a few Dollars above the regular taxi fee, if at all.

Please do NOT miss to provide us with your airline, flight no. and arrival time and please confirm by e-mail (well ahead of your arrival day) that you wish to take advantage of the airport pick organised by us. Don’t worry if your flight is delayed, our driver will monitor your exact arrival time and unless unforseable things might have happened, you can be sure to meet him/her upon arrival even when your flight should have been delayed. He/she also provides us with a constantly updated arrival time info, so that we can prepare for you arrival at the property accordingly.

The sharing option is available for maximum 3 persons with 1 piece of luggage each, will basically cost $ US 75.

There is an additional charge of $ US 10 per large luggage, wind surfboard, surfboard, bicycle, golf equipment or other bigger equipment bags. Please note that there is a surcharge of $ US 15 for airport pick ups and drops before 6 am.

A stop at a grocery store on the way to your hotel or from can be arranged at an extra charge (discuss with the driver please).

In case our guests wish to make their own rental car arrangements, we recommend not to pick up a rental car at the airport for many reasons and due to 20 years of experiencing dealing with it. Your flight might be delayed, your rental car company might not be on time or not show up at all, etc. Have peace of mind we can arrange a rental car for you prior your arrival.

Please note that that the office hours of our office on site are flexible and determined as to demand and arrangements made. Our guests are welcomed at their rental unit by one of our staff members who will provide a very personal concierge service upon our guests arrival.

Please note that we only book the transport arrangements for you, but we are not responsible or liable in any way as far as this transport service is concerned. To avoid any possible confusion, please feel free to reconfirm the transport fee when you meet our driver at the airport or before he picks you up to give you a ride back to the airport.

We can organise any kind of transportation service you need, from a ride to a supermarket, pick up and drop home from a restaurant visit, not to forget island tours, you may use the friendly and reliable service of our designated drivers for whatever transportation service you need during your stay.




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