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Join CICY club, a multicultural group of people who enjoy riding, discovering the city and advocating for clean city and wellness.

Are you a Congolese, expatriate or tourist in Kinshasa? Do you wish to ride in company of others, be part of a network of cycling friends, or simply have a group to socialise with Sunday early morning. If so, you may want to consider joining us.

We welcome you to discover new place, the history of the city, new routes and destinations, or have some friends to sit with in a coffee shop at the end of a ride. Moreover, benefit from the collective expertise of a club and gain valuable information about travel, cycling, business, network, and so on.

Cost: Once-off ride/one day ride is $40 and membership $20/person per month.

Ride schedule: Twice a month.

Membership and once-off ride

You may be a beginner or intermediate cyclist, and are generally interested in road cycling, including recreational rides, training rides, and maybe some touring trips. Be aware that CICY Club caters almost exclusively for city biking, leisurely rides of soft touring rides. We are planning for off-road biking in a soon future.

First time registration covers: Registration fee + Membership right + One Backpack + one Safety vest.

Our approach to a group ride

We do not require that new members get checked out. However, we require that every member has a comfortable level of experience riding a bike. We do not give bicycle lesson.

Our Club cycles in loose groups, with more space between one another. This makes for a more relaxing ride.

CICY Club rates its rides according to difficulty levels on a scale of 1 to 3 from 15km to 35km. The easiest tend to be fairly short and relatively slow rides that have a good number of rest stops, and generally take place over flat terrain. The difficulty levels gradually ratchets up until you get to the most challenging rides. Members will be informed before time on which level the next ride will be classified.

Do you worry about your ability to keep up? We have you covered.

We are focusing for now only on from the very easy to the mid-level rides treated as “no drop” rides (where the group will not abandon or “drop” someone who is struggling to keep up). In such a case, our ride leader will slow things down a little and/or initiate more rest stops.

The starting point will be communicate before end. Members will be informed via Wharsapp or email.

Safety First – Requirements

  • All participants are required to abide by the group or face cancellation of membership. We prone the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’, we start the ride together and we strive to finish it together in group.
  • (OBLIGATORY) Every rider is obliged to wear an helmet and our safety vest.


  • Sunscreen and sunglasses will make cycling more enjoyable, and it’s always a good idea to carry one or two energy or granola bars in case you need to refuel. Note they will be only a limited number of stops.

Bicycle for club ride

CICY club do not provide bicycles to rides but get assist you acquire one at reasonable price.

You will need is a reasonable quality multi-speed road bike to join our club. This include models with straight or flat handlebars that are often labeled as hybrid, fitness, or recreational bicycles. Drop bar models are also very popular at many clubs. These have the handlebars that curve down (drop bars) and that some people associate with racing bikes.

Equipment & Accessories for club rides

Basically, you’ll need all the items you normally bring when cycling. This includes an extra inner tube, tire levers, a good quality compact air pump, and at least one water bottle and water bottle cage ( preferably two on hot days). When heading out on an evening ride, bring rear and front bicycle LED lights in case you find yourself on the road as the sun is setting.

Hurry! Places are limited.


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