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The Congolese rhumba is one of the most influential genres of African music and dance worldwide.

Afro-Cuban music distributed in the Belgian Congo radio stations in the 1950s is credited with some of the stylistic borrowing that has given Congolese music a strongly Afro-Cuban flavor. It undeniable that Congolese are naturally gifted musicians and were able gradually to infuse into the Cuban sound a process of indigenisation which has made the rhumba to become an important marker of Congolese national identity.

The Congolese rumba is used for celebration and mourning, in private, public, traditional and religious spaces. In 2021, the slow beat, smooth melody; enchanting solo guitar, groove music of Congolese rumba was added to UNESCO’s intangible cultural.

Are you visiting Kinshasa? Too busy to take some time for yourself? Carve out some ‘me time’, we have you covered.

Enjoy one of our best offer, a live performance of your favorite Congolese band and hear them sing your favorite tune either in closed-doors at their rehearsal venue or from the comfort of a place you have chosen. No paparazzi and no strangers.

Our offer:

1. Relax on a day that fits your diary or lifestyle
2. Truly switch off in a place of your choice, in good company of your freinds
3. A VIP treatment in a secured place

A tailored performance of Congolese rhumba hit you have personally picked. Just for you and your buddies, you can enjoy this blissful experience you will never forget.

We work with Congolese starts and well renowned rhumba bands of all generations. These are professionals and highly gifted musicians that will take you the memory lane with past and present rhumba’s icons top hits.

The cost is $1500 for a group of 6 adults.

What’s included?

  • Band’s performance fee
  • Rehearsal venue hiring fee
  • Bouncer or security guard

What’s not included

  • Alternative venue cost
  • Electric generator hiring cost





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